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This is a public education site about massage and bodywork. You can learn more about the different modalities here.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America
This is a Canadian organization. Their site describes the lineage of cranio that I practice.

Usui Reiki
This is a site about the lineage that I studied. My reiki training influences my touch every second of every session.

Institute of Thai Massage
I have studied level II Thai massage and use the basic concepts on the table quite frequently. Because I find this form of bodywork to be hard on by back, I only do very few sessions. I refer those who want more to my teacher Eric Spivack.

Yamuna Body Rolling
I love this system of bodywork! Yamuna is a tool that you can use at home to multiply and reinforce the effects of your bodywork sessions.

Yoga for Beginners
I like this yoga site. It is comprehensive and covers all eight limbs of yoga. Yoga is another great tool for taking care of your body and can greatly enhance the efficacy of your bodywork sessions.

Active Isolated Stretching
Aron Mattes has developed a system of stretching for self care. Some find his approach better than a yoga-based approach.

Human Priorities
“The fact remains that we are resilient. That’s what we’re built to be, and there are more resources for resilience within us and around us than we can ever imagine. Our job is to look for and use those resources, and never stop believing in ourselves, no matter how hard it is. Survival is much, much more than staying alive. And the power of survival is written into us — all of us — down to the smallest cell."
The Power and Price of Survival by Pamela Woll

Dr. Andrew Weil
Integrative medicine guru. He rocks.

Isabella’s Herbal Comfort Packs
Awesome resource for warm, soft, and comforting things. There are also many Etsy shops that sell these.

Anchor Medical Clinic | Dr. Heidi Rendall | Mukilteo, Washington
Dr. Heidi Rendall has a direct care practice, which means no insurance hassles. She has time to develop her relationship with you because she does not have to worry about the limitations that insurance companies place on her time with you.

This site is a leading web resource for those affected by the type of cancer caused by asbestos contact. Visit to learn more on how massage therapy is an emerging alternative treatment in palliative cancer care.