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Trauma Treatment

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You are never far from grace.

Trauma is a physical or emotional event that is harmful. Sometimes your body and mind can heal without outside intervention and sometimes it can’t. Your central nervous system is designed to contain trauma that is overwhelming to your system so that you can function. When I come upon contained trauma in the craniosacral system, it feels silent, like it is not an alive, vibrant, growing part of you. This silent place causes the rest of your body to adapt to it.

Contained, unresolved trauma doesn’t participate in the inhalations and exhalations of your system; it becomes an area stuck in the past, walled off, almost. This immovable place and the compensatory pattern surrounding it uses a lot of energy, and it prevents the rest of your system from functioning to its fullest expression. It can be a life changing event to resolve these patterns. It is often difficult, yet always worth it, and I am confident in my knowledge that healing is always available.

Containing major trauma uses a lot of energy, and it has a name: posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Symptoms of held trauma and PTSD include having sleep problems, feeling detached or numb and being easily startled. There are many treatments for this, and craniosacral therapy and bodywork can be very supportive for this healing project.

When you feel safe and happy, your stomach digests freely, your overall muscle tone is reduced, your jaws are relaxed. Your body will reflect on the outside what is happening on the inside.

Here is an example: picture a woman walking down the street, now picture her angry, now joyous, now sad and now with a sore knee. The pictures changed each time, right? These experiences all reflect in her body — in her posture, muscle tone and chemical composition. Over time, her posture and organs will reflect her predominant attitudes, unhealed traumas and injuries.

Addressing your physical and emotional history is a challenging and very worthwhile task. It will most assuredly improve your ability to express your life energy and cultivate loving relationships. It is an empowering stand you make in the belief of your right to a beautiful, healthy life.