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Trauma Treatment

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Deep Relaxation

Body Awareness

Bodies are amazing healers.

I know deep relaxation is something everyone can benefit from.

Deep relaxation is a pause of the expenditure of resources — your body and mind energy expenditures coast while, at the deepest levels, your bodymind continues to receive and build energy.

This deeply quiet state feels peaceful and wonderful and sweet. It is the ultimate relaxation. You can access this state in a number of ways yourself or on the massage table. I am talking about those moments that are special to you — a nap, a bath or a walk outside. The experience is of deep renewal.

I witness the deepest relaxation in my clients during craniosacral therapy sessions. It is something deeper than sleep. It is called a stillpoint and it is the ultimate experience. I invite everyone to try a cranio session. It is beautiful work.

Deep relaxation also allows your central nervous system to make permanent changes toward healing. Your body will not make healing changes if you keep it in fight-or-flight mode all the time. Relaxing gives your body the time and energy to do healing work.

You might notice a difference also in how calm you feel after the session, not just in your body / muscle tone, but how quiet and calm your mind can be. You can experience how patience comes easier and how there is more room to work on personal growth and become more loving. I love guiding people to this place.