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Treatment Massage

Trauma Treatment

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Body Awareness

You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.
~ C. S. Lewis

When you are a on the massage table, there is a good opportunity for you to be absolutely present with your body. Your focus can sharpen down to one thing. Your mind can let go of all of its input about your day and all of the things you have to do when you leave.

If you take this opportunity to observe your body, you can learn where you hold your tension and you can learn how effective you have become at ignoring those tense places. There are often many sore spots that you weren’t aware of that may surprise you. Look at this as a favor that your body has done for you, not as a problem.

Often, when you have experienced trauma in an area of your body, particularly one that had a deep emotional impact, your nervous system will automatically withdraw awareness from that area. When this happens, the area tends not to move quite as much. It becomes tensely held, and a tensely held area does not receive adequate circulation. The tissues in and surrounding that area will suffer.

One very important skill is letting go, or letting me move your body with the work. Can you allow your shoulder to be lifted while you just observe the feeling of that movement? Observe how much easier it is to tense a muscle than it is to relax a muscle. Discover what it takes for you to relax the area. You can use your breath. You can visualize the area melting. What works for you? What is your relationship to your body and to your stored tension?

Tensing your muscles can become automatic. Bodywork is a great way to relearn how you inhabit your body and how you connect to your body. You may discover that you have a choice about how you hold and relate to these areas. I can guide you through this process.